Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.    — Dr. Martin Luther King


The TTA mission has evolved over the years and we are revising the site to reflect that. We've added the word "is" to the header to spell out the connection between what the people want and America deserves. The missing tower tops remain as a reminder of what happens when government goes rogue. Representative democracy only works when our representatives represent us. When they fail to represent us, and the media fails to inform us, we the people are not in control of our country. It is our duty to protest.

Click on the slideshow below to see what the people could have had, should have had, and would have had if only our democracy had been allowed to function. The rotten truth is that it was short-circuited instead. What the majority of the people wanted, according to all the evidence, both in our country and around the world, wasn't inadvertently defeated by misunderstanding and incompetence. It was deliberately sabotaged by connivance and deceit. In fact, we can and will prove that the word "swindle" is putting it mildly.

Golden Towers

This effort is not only bipartisan; it transcends politics and division. The public as a whole was swindled at Ground Zero – AND THE SWINDLE IS STILL GOING ON. After "Freedom was attacked" on September 11, 2001, democracy was trampled. We are sorry to say that, because of the workers who poured their hearts into the new construction. But pretending can't make it right, while learning what went wrong can make it better. And for sure, "moving on" guarantees future swindles and abuses of power.

Going forward, the twintowersalliance.com website will be a tribute to not only the Twin Towers, but particularly to the dedicated, tireless efforts of the many individuals and grassroots organizations who tried to convince officials to respect the will of the people. Progress on our ongoing battle against "The Swindle At Ground Zero" will be reported on the twintowersalliance.org site, which is also being revamped. "The Foundation" tab above will link to that site. For now, updates will be accessed through "The Swindle" link below.

When the upgrade is finished, the "Petition" and "Signature" pages will have their own internal navigation and will include the "Bulletins" and "Restoration Alternative" tabs. The "Petition" will continue to give people a place where they can register heartfelt support for a World Trade Center that is worthy of the price our nation paid on 9/11. And the "Restoration Alternative" page will be expanded into an historical record of the real struggle for Ground Zero, rather than the dishonest PR version the public gets now.

The overhaul will be complete by this year's 9/11 anniversary. Homepage navigation tabs to the left of center relate to the TTA.com and tabs to the right of center to the TTA.org. "The Journal" tab links to the Twin Towers Journal, where we put each week's WTC-related news into context. Starting with the TTA petition on this site and the Change.org "Petitions for Ground Zero" that will be posted on the Foundation website, the three sites will form a platform for anyone who wants to speak out against the corruption at Ground Zero and take a stand against the cancer of resignation that is crippling our country.

All American citizens have the same vital interest in showing that the people are driving this nation – not the powerful few. We can't be asleep at the wheel and expect to survive. If we can't make those sixteen acres in Lower Manhattan reflect the will of the people – just minutes from where George Washington took the oath of office and government of-by-and-for the people began – then we clearly have a democracy in name only and will continue to lose all the battles that matter.

Officials are betting we'll give up and we are betting they're wrong. There is an epidemic in this country of being squeamish about holding people accountable for their actions. That is almost as corrupt as the wrongdoing. Cheating the world out of what would have been a recovery of mythic proportions is a crime in every way. What kind of people would let those responsible get away with it?

This struggle is not about reliving the past, but about owning the future. If the ruling class can rob us of the WTC the people wanted and deserved, without answering for it, they can get away with anything. United we stand is not just a platitude, it is a strategy. The best way to stop all the fruitless bickering and dissension that is consuming our nation is to join forces on this common ground. We can take back our country from those who think we are lazy citizens who don't care enough. CARE ENOUGH: LET IT BEGIN HERE.

* There is increasing media attention on the shenanigans at the Port Authority of NY and NJ, the public authority that "owns" the World Trade Center. Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute, reporters for the Star-Ledger, the Bergen Record, the Asbury Park Press, and others have exposed the routine abuse of power at the Port Authority.

Even so, the corruption that disfigured the World Trade Center is pervasive and the Twin Towers Alliance is the only watchdog connecting the dots and challenging the bogus information, feel-good stories, and propaganda that pass for news at Ground Zero. The "16 Acres" infomercial masquerading as a documentary on the rebuilding of Ground Zero is one example. "The Battle for Ground Zero" which was published last year is another.

Their half-truths give unwarranted credibility to the myths that those responsible for the mess at the WTC would like the world to swallow. Fortunately, the people have the Freedom of Information Law on our side and sooner or later the sordid facts will be known. We believe that it is crucial to our national well-being to understand what was behind this colossal betrayal of the public trust.

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