Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

— Dr. Martin Luther King

Watchdog sues Port Authority over $7.7B rebuild of WTC

An article in the April 9th New York Post online reported on a Freedom of Information lawsuit we filed against the Port Authority of NY & NJ on the previous Friday: "A citizen watchdog slapped the beleaguered Port Authority with a lawsuit because the agency has refused to hand over financial information about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center." In other words:

If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding?


The people have been deceived and robbed blind to support a project they would reject if they knew the facts. That is as corrupt as it gets. If we couldn't get something right when the overwhelming majority of Americans agreed upon and cared about it, how can we solve any of our other problems? We can't, until we examine the way we were ripped off at Ground Zero, and fix the institutions that are selling every American short in fundamental, existential ways.

If we accept that fixing this is beyond us, we may as well admit we are a nation in decline, because it will be obvious to the rest of the world. Our national character, resolve, and reputation are at stake. Critically important matters are still being shamefully mishandled at Ground Zero. We at the Twin Towers Alliance remain standard-bearers for a WTC that is worthy of the price our nation paid on 9/11. The World Trade Center is ground that the American people cannot afford to lose twice.


The scandal surrounding Governor Christie and the George Washington Bridge debacle should disturb everyone, no matter what his or her political stripe. But what troubles us at the Twin Towers Alliance more than the abuse of power by aides of the governor is that the same politicians and the same journalists who are so disturbed about this episode have turned a blind eye to the colossal abuse of power that has been going on for more than a dozen years at Ground Zero.  Read more


Why should anyone bother to sign our petition at this point? Because everything at the WTC site is the result of the deliberate defeat of the democratic process – using the public's money to do it. We don't make that charge lightly and we have ample, uncontestable proof to back it up. The only thing worse than getting tricked out of the World Trade Center most of us wanted and deserved – by our own elected officials – would be if we let them get away with it. It is too late, as the WTC is configured today, for the Yamasaki Twins of "Twin Towers II" – but it is not too late for stunning Twin Towers to soar above the Freedom Tower. A proposal will soon follow. If you agree with the goal of a WTC responsive to the public that is paying for it and think it is time to get to the bottom of all the manipulation and deceit that has robbed the people of a real World Trade Center, sign the petition and then please pass it on. Recovering from the bipartisan disgrace our country has become has to start somewhere.  Read more


News coverage following the announcement that the National 9/11 Museum is going to impose a $24 entrance fee is a good example of the misinformation that passes for news in this country. Benjamin Franklin warned that half a truth is often a great lie. How can people know what they don't know, if the media fails to tell them? Michael Bloomberg took over as chairman of the Foundation to rein in costs and raise money. Seven years later, the memorial costs are as out of control as ever and the only thing he reined in was opposition to his dictates.  Read more


The Petitions for Ground Zero will collectively transcend individual issues and concerns at Ground Zero and put the emphasis where it belongs: on respect for the democratic process and the power of concerted action. If only that had been honored after 9/11 – as the world's premier democracy tried so hard to right itself – none of the battles that have been fought at Ground Zero since then would have been necessary. Until this issue is addressed squarely, we think it is unlikely that anything will ever go right at the World Trade Center.  Read more


To give the crown of tallest-US-tower to the building with the obviously inferior claim made a sad mockery of all that the title is meant to honor. Celebrating a building that is smaller than one Twin Tower as if it is a triumph is deluded. To claim that a building almost a hundred feet shorter than the Willis Tower in Chicago is the tallest building in the hemisphere is pathetic. To pretend that jazzing up the antenna will raise the building's height to 1776 feet is embarrassing. Deceiving the public and the workers who built this tower is criminal.  Read more


Banksy's month-long New York "residency" last October rubbed a lot of good people the wrong way. We think it is important to put the international street-artist and man-of-mystery's WTC remarks regarding the Freedom Tower into perspective. His proposed oped, which can be read in the coverage below, was clearly meant to get people talking and questioning, which is the very thing that officials in government and the media have been so dead set against all along. And that is the only reason we are now faced with a World Trade Center that so many of us find terribly disappointing.  Read more


After 9/11, Queen Elizabeth was quoted as saying, "Grief is the price we pay for love." But what about the price we pay for greed, and arrogance, and the abuse of power? The public is still paying for 9/11 every day in ways that people would be shocked to learn. What we see at the WTC now is what thousands of courageous and dedicated workers have made of it. But we can't see what we were cheated out of. The workers' idealism can't undo the conniving and manipulation behind a plan that is an offense to the memory of those we lost and doesn't come close to measuring up to the world that vanished with them.  Read more

We at the Twin Towers Alliance have been fighting for an honorable and transparent rebuilding process since early 2006 — and at for a year before that. The extended TTA homepage has been layered with items that form a vibrant historical record. The link below connects to three pages of homepage archives.

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