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The statement below rings just as true in 2014 as it did in 2006. The thousands of comments that have been left on the petition over the years are just the tip of an iceberg that careless, clueless officials are steaming toward.

The American people were cheated. Even if the two other towers are built, it is still a far cry from the glorious icons we watched crumble before our eyes. Why should we accept such a mediocre replacement?

We don't have to. The right course at this point would be to establish what it would take to recapture the magical skyline with 21st-century Twin Towers soaring above the Freedom Tower in place of towers 2 and 3 and let the people decide if it is worth it or not — since the public is the primary stakeholder in every sense of the word.

Few things could have a more decisive influence on the direction of our country. If you agree with the goal of a skyline that honors the sacrifice and reflects the will of the public that is paying for it and think it is time to get to the bottom of all the manipulation and deceit that has robbed the people of a real World Trade Center, sign the petition:

"We, the undersigned, share the belief that nothing could be more inspiring to our people, or disheartening to our enemies, than Twin Towers, at least as tall as before in every respect, soaring above Ground Zero.

"We believe that the devastation of September 11, 2001, clouded the picture long after the rubble was cleared away and that a thorough public examination of the rebuilding option is overdue and now required before proceeding on an unalterable course.

"We recognize no financial or political roadblocks that cannot be overcome if rebuilding the Towers is the will of the people. And, we see no conflict between stunning Twin Towers and a noble Memorial, which belong together on this site that means so much to us all.

"We submit that there is only one way to truly heal the skyline of Manhattan and the heart of America: Rebuild the Twin Towers. Doing anything less would leave a permanent scar on the face of New York and diminish a legendary city."

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How is it allowed that so few people can be so dismissive of what so many want?       

— Dominick Kosciuk | Metro New Yorkers


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