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The animation above appeared as the full-page intro to the TTA site in 2006 and 2007. It is presented here as a reminder of how magical the world can be when we aim high, believe in our dreams, and focus on our goals.

Philippe Petit, the man who defied death to spend almost an hour walking on a wire between the Twin Towers in 1974, has described his himself as “a magician” and his calling in life is clearly to challenge the limits we place on ourselves through our perception of what is and isn’t possible. His preparation and skill were an intrinsic part of his success, but his physical prowess was secondary to his spiritual mastery – his focus on the moment and his faith in his dream were unshakable.

In that spirit, we are magicians, too. We have a mighty purpose, which, if realized, would bring a sense of wonder and joy to millions of people — and the only thing standing in the way is small-mindedness. In September, 2006, Mr. Petit gave us a statement to read at our rally in Central Park that ended with the words: “I continue to think your efforts are commendable and worthwhile. . . I remain a champion for the rebuilding of the Twin Towers EVERYDAY!!!”

Philippe Petit dares all of us to dream epic dreams and to believe in happy endings. At the conclusion of an interview in the January 2007 issue of Psychology Today, he was asked what he would like to see happen at the WTC. “I think they should be rebuilt exactly the same, or maybe even a little bit higher — as a rebellion against doom.”

Dream No Small Dreams… It Doesn’t Pay

Philippe Petit and the Twin Towers        Philippe Petit and the Twin Towers







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